We Give your Clients an Extraordinary Safari Experience.

We Reward Agents

20% Commission*

Commission is paid when payments are received

Concierge service provided

Easy online Credit Card payments

We provide a Cape Town experience (10% commission)

Family Friendly

Agents are given freedom to give their clients 10% discounts anytime as a Hippo Lakes partner

*Transfer fees of $200 per person (for the round-trip transfer between JNB Airport and Hippo Lakes) and Cape Town Trips are 10% commissionable.

Travel Agents Reward Program

Travel Agents may track their sales annually to receive rewards. Agents count starting after a chosen sale is transacted and stop counting 12 months after.

For example, if they transact a sale July 1, 2022, then they have until EOB June 30, 2023 to reach a reward outlined below.


  1. $30,000 in sales, get Kudu Tent Safari
  2. $60,000 in sales, get Rhino Tent Safari
  3. $80,000 in sales, get Buffalo Tent Safari + 1x economy ticket
  4. $100,000 in sales, get Hippo Tent Safari + 2x economy tickets + Standard Excursions included for 2
  5. $200,000 in sales, get 2x Hippo Tents + 2x business tickets + Standard Excursions included for 4**

*Economy tickets will be covered up to $1000/ticket
**Business tickets will be covered up to $3000/ticket
***total invoiced amount with 50% deposits at least


  1. Sell a 5 tent group. Retail is for roughly $35,000 (depending on the tents), agents can sell for as low as $25,000. (This does not include the Hippo Tents)
  2. Sell all 10 tents for a group. Retail is for $64,000. Agents can sell for as low as $45,000.

Note: Only sales transacted in 2022 and on may count towards this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the client’s Cancellation, Rebooking, and Child Policy?

Please visit hippolakes.co.za/hippo-lakes-terms-and-conditions

How do the flights and logistics work?

Please visit hippolakes.co.za/flights

What is the deposit structure?

A 50%-100% deposit is required to book. The 2nd deposit is due 9 months before travel. If travel is within 9 months, the second full deposit which completes the invoice is due the month after the first payment was made. If travel is within 6 months, full payment is required.

How does Cape Town work?

Cape Town trips that Hippo Lakes offers are 4 night, 3 day packages that run Friday-Tuesday following the Safari. Alternative or altered packages are generally not possible. These trips are easy add-ons and are 10% commissionable. For more information, please visit: hippolakes.co.za/CapeTown.